About Anna Rees-Phillips


In addition, it gives us the chance to meet you face to face and be able to establish just what sort of person you are looking for and to ensure that your individual requirements are fully understood. For the security of all members, at the time of interview we ask to see a council tax bill and passport. This very personal service is, we feel, one of our strengths unlike many competitors you become a face not a number.

We believe that when clients are put in touch with each other, it is imperative that they share similar lifestyles, values, backgrounds and also similar levels of education. The only way that this can be assessed accurately is by us meeting each new client. The professionalism and dedication with which we endeavour to conduct our business means that even those people who would not ordinarily consider joining an agency, feel comfortable with becoming a client of Anna Rees-Phillips.

We guarantee there will be no pressure put on you to join and we cannot stress this enough.